Giulio Briccialdi Online Catalogue Project

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Giulio Briccialdi, The Prince of Flutists

Briccialdi's 200th Anniversary Celebration

2018 marked the 200th anniversary of Giulio Briccialdi's birth. 
For this occasion, we launched the Giulio Briccialdi Online Catalogue Project
to finally make a comprehensive collection of his works available to all musicians.

Flutist, Virtuoso, Composer

Giulio Briccialdi (1818-1881) is unanimously considered one of the greatest flute virtuoso of all times. His contribution to the flute repertoire is overwhelming in quantity and quality. 

His compositions show how his instrumental genius was able to pair an unequaled technical brilliance with the true spirit of Italian Belcanto.

You can learn more about Briccialdi at the About Briccialdi page.

Making A Catalogue Available To All Flutists

The amount of works by Briccialdi that have been published in modern times remains limited. Our project aims to share the knowledge of this exceptional author to the international flute community by making his non-published catalogue available.

Through this website you can access the most part of Briccialdi's compositions that were never published in modern times. You will find original editions and newly written scores for purchase, as well as links to the modern publishers that include Briccialdi in their catalogues.

We keep adding new scores to the available catalogue, so keep checking or contact us if the score of your interest is not yet available!

How Does It Work?

Check the constantly updated Full Catalogue to browse through the categories (Flute and Piano, Two Flutes, Chamber Music etc.) and check each score's availability.

Once you have found the scores of your interest, search them by reference number on the Interactive Catalogue, where you can preview the cover and the first page of each score.

Here you can purchase the scores through PayPal and you will receive them in PDF format directly to your email!

Feel free to contact us at if you have any question. 

Happy browsing!

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